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12 skills that leaders should (re-)learn from babies
The fantastic evolution of babies and the extraordinary number of things that they have to learn in their first year and a half requires equally exceptional skills and abilities. Unfortunately, some of these […]

Les 12 Capacités que les leaders devraient (ré-)apprendre des bébés
L’évolution fantastique des bébés et le nombre extraordinaire de choses qu’ils doivent apprendre au cours de leurs trois premières années de vie demandent la […]

Unlock the Leader in You
Imagine how your life would be if you could: - understand yourself and how you function; - know what drives and motivates you and, conversely, what your obstacles are;  - access your resources […]

3 good reasons to invest in your employees’ happiness
Do you now that happy employees are more productive than others by 15%? They are more creative and innovative, and thanks to them customer satisfaction increases by as much as 42%(1)? Can you imagine the […]

Curiosity Session and Cocktail on 24 March at 18:00
They say that curiosity killed the cat. We say that curiosity created the Leader!   We are launching our activity on 24 March in Brussels with a Curiosity Session that will explore various areas […]

3 facts and 3 good news from the “what is the colour of this dress” buzz
A new blogpost about the "Dress Buzz"

The first person you need to lead is you
A blog post on conscious  strategies you can acquire to simplify your life, become more successful in your work and positively influence people around […]

3 steps for women to become more assertive
Courses about assertiveness abound, and actually as a woman you might almost feel guilty if you lack this much demanded skill. So why is it so hard for us to be self-assured and confident without being […]

Reach all your objectives!
Reaching all our objectives - how is this possible?  The first step is to better define them, which is not as easy as it might sound.  Once this is done, there are techniques to condition yourself […]

Launch of Gecko Strategies website
We are proud to launch our brand new website, which outlines and summarises our vision and our services.  The Gecko Strategies Blog is also on line at  Feel free to […]