If you want to have more control over the way you function and adopt recipes for success, this module is definitely for you

Unlock the Leader in You

Imagine how your life would be if you could:
- understand yourself and how you function;
- know what drives and motivates you and, conversely, what your obstacles are; 
- access your resources instantly, wherever your are, regardless of how challenging the situation is;
- master a few very simple and yet highly efficient techniques to become more confident, inspire trust, appear more powerful or empathetic, according to what the situation requires;
- know how to take the feedback from difficult situations, so you can transform them into learning experiences and new opportunities to go beyond your own limits.

This is what we offer you in our 2-day training to “Unlock the Leader in You”, the first module of our signature Leadership journey. 

What is special about the Gecko Strategies leadership training? We focus on personal and interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, i.e. what makes the difference between a good leader and an outstanding leader.  We think these skills are no longer optional. They are key to guide and inspire people to bring out the best in them individually and as a group.

We think that the “carrots and sticks” model is showing its limits.  Absenteeism, burnouts are increasing and the cost is high both for employees’ health and the employers’ bottom line. As a result, an increasing number of companies are gradually moving to a new, more sustainable, leadership and performance paradigm, based on inside-out motivation.

When people are:
- given the tools to excel at what they do (Mastery),
- responsible and accountable for their area of work (Autonomy), and
- find true meaning in what they do (Purpose),
they thrive, and the bottom line improves.  There are many examples where this new model has led to double-digit growth figures!

We give individuals and teams the necessary decoding methods and simple, practical tools, to improve on their personal and interpersonal skills in all the areas of leadership: self-leadership, personal branding, influence and impact, team leadership, creative and strategic thinking. 

Our first module is about understanding how you function, so that you can better lead yourself. A lot of thoughts, behaviours and emotions escape our conscious self, and we just repeat “programs” that we have acquired over time, without questioning their efficiency.

If you want to have more control over the way you function, understand what is blocking you from reaching your objectives, and adopt recipes for success, this module is definitely for you.

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