A powerful brand is a guarantee of your quality

Personal branding

This module aims to allow every individual to take control of her/his brand, rather than let others build the image based on their own perceptions.

To become aware of one’s personal brand and to invest in it will support your career, whatever job you have. It is an essential element of leadership.

The personal brand differentiates you from others, it is your unique signature and imprint. As for a product, a powerful brand is a guarantee of your quality. It is therefore crucial that you take control over it.

Defining, building and maintaining your brand is a dynamic exercise which requires regular adjustments. It is a cycle, rather than a one-off exercise.

When you have completed this module you are able to:

  • Define the essential elements of your brand
  • Have a better understanding of how others perceive you
  • Decide what you want your brand to say about you 
  • Build your brand based on who you are, how others perceive you, and what you want others to believe about you
  • Identify how to integrate your brand and communicate consistently about it
  • Define your key message
  • Target the relevant communication channels in line with your objective and audience
  • Take action to reinforce and maintain your brand.