We train people to have access to their positive resources and create a virtuous circle of pleasure and performance

3 good reasons to invest in your employees’ happiness

Do you now that happy employees are more productive than others by 15%? They are more creative and innovative, and thanks to them customer satisfaction increases by as much as 42%(1)? Can you imagine the impact of such improvements on your own organization?

Conversely, have you ever measured the actual cost of absenteeism, professional illnesses, burn-outs, lower motivation generated by managers who are not good at communicating with their teams, let alone toxic managers? In Belgium only, up to 19,000 people are affected by the extreme form of stress at work, and as much as one in 3 people feels stressed in a permanent way.

Trainings and information abound to detect the signs of acute stress and this is a very good thing.

We train people to have access to their positive resources in any given situation, and so create a virtuous circle of pleasure and performance.

How do we train people to become happier leaders? By teaching them simple tools that predict success and achievement. These tools are based on positive psychology, neuroplasticity and are proven to create lasting change in the brain structure.

Here are 7 powerful happiness recipes you will learn:

  • Train your brain to capitalize on positivity;
  • Adjust your mindset to be more successful by consciously changing your perception of situations;
  • Recognize when you are in a “bug” and know how to put yourself back in your “flow” ;
  • Positively cope with stress or difficult situations by learning to “metabolise your emotions”;
  • Recognize when your brain has switched to “primitive mode” (fight or flight) and learn how to switch back to “steering mode”;
  • Replace your strategies for failure by strategies for success by rewiring some of your basic “programmes”;
  • Find what gives you purpose and meaning.

Our next session is in Brussels on 11-12 June and is called “Unlock the Leader in You”. Now you know that to unlock the leader in you, we will unlock your natural drive to be function positively and, hence, become a better, more productive and inspiring, leader.

(1) These figures come from numerous studies, reinforced by a meta-analysis of happiness research covering 200 scientific studies on more than 270,000 people. (Lyubomirsky, S., King, L., & Diener, E. (2005). The benefits of frequent positive affect : Does happiness lead to success ? Psychological Bulletin, 131, 803-855)

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