Leading in the new normal requires specific skills and behaviours, which are not taught in classic leadership programmes.

Our philosophy

Our vision is a new performance paradigm, of which the three pillars are mastery, autonomy and purpose. This new paradigm is necessary to be able to manage in today’s new economic picture, known as the "New Normal".

Our mission is to guide companies and individuals towards this new leadership paradigm, through our various services of consultancy, training and coaching.

We believe, and reasearch has shown, that high performance can only be achieved by giving individuals:

  • access to their own excellence (Mastery),
  • responsibility and accountability (Autonomy),
  • meaning in their work (Purpose).

Our core values are: conscience, flexibility and efficiency

The tools that we use are derived from cognitive neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, psychology, hypnosis and neurolinguistics.  There is only one criteria to determine our choice for a method, tool or exercise: does it work?

Why Gecko Strategies ?

The Gecko is a particularly high-performing animal : it thrives in challenging environments, and its sense of adaptation is perfect.  In today’s business environment, frequently referred to as « the New Normal », these strategies are essential.   They can be acquired and Gecko Strategies makes sure organisations and individuals develop them.

What we do

Gecko Strategies specialises in developing people and organisations through a unique approach based on scientifically validated research and years of experience in leadership and influence.    Our unique approach puts organisations and individuals in touch with their own ressources for self-leadership and promotion, influence and impact, team development, strategic thinking and creativity, charisma and inspiration.

We train, coach, organise and facilitate meetings and conferences. In short:  we select the right tool and channel for the objective defined with our client.  Our motto is: it just works ! 

A new paradigm for performance

We, at Gecko Strategies, have decided to turn to a new Paradigm for Performance, which is scientifically validated, and which works:

Scientific research and studies in psychology, sociology and neuroscience have been showing for decades what conditions should be created to optimise motivation, performance and efficiency.  Interestingly, most corporations and training companies continue to work with old models that actually don’t work and cost money.

Global and long term view

We look at the bigger picture and adopt a holistic approach so that there is more consistency between the Board’s vision and the reality at each level of the company, within teams and individually.   We identify discrepancies and advise the various decision-making levels on actions to bridge the gap between vision and reality.