Develop your full leadership potential




We have developed 6 modules, which cover all the behaviours and strategies necessary to become a new performance paradigm leader.

In addition to the 6 modules, we have developed a stand-alone fast-track training on Leadership in the New Normal. This module is designed for executives who need an immediate immersion in their resources for performance in highly demanding environments. It is meant to be followed by individual Executive Coaching.

By following the full programme, you will master the following areas:

  • Self-leadership
  • The Brand of You
  • Influence and impact 
  • Teams with a Spirit
  • Creative and Strategic thinking
  • The Gecko Leader

The first module "Self-Leadership" is mandatory for anyone who wishes to take any of the following modules. This is for efficiency and systemic reasons and because we have concentrated in one module a number of concepts, tools and fundamentals that you will use over and over again in all the other modules.
You can then take any other of the 5 modules in any given order, depending on your needs and position in your company. By completing the 6 modules, you make sure that you develop your full leadership potential.