Creativity is a skill which is available to anyone

Creativity and Strategic Thinking

In the New Normal, creativity and the ability to think strategically are no longer optional. They have become essential to make the best out of tough situations.

Creativity is not an innate gift which is available only to artists and designers, it is a skill which is available to anyone, and it can be developed and enhanced, so that it becomes accessible at any time and in any given situation.

Strategic thinking works in the same way as creativity : it is an ability that we have and that we can enhance with simple techniques.

We deliver concrete and effective strategies so that anyone can enhance her/his creative and strategic thinking skills.

When you have completed this workshop you know how to stimulate your "right brain" to come up with ideas, alternatives and solutions. Developing both your creativity and strategic thinking skills in parallel will create synergies, which are sought-after in today’s highly competitive and fast changing business environment.

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”Maya Angelou